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Junior Church

After the first part of the morning service, the younger members of our family leave to meet for Junior Church in their various classes in our halls.  They are very much part of the family and enjoy the occasions when they join other members of the congregation for special drama or music.

Junior Church is a very lively section of our community, and we think it is a vital part of the church family. 

The young people take a great interest in and helped with the refurbishment of our Community Rainbow Garden.  They are outward looking, and each week they make a small cash collection for the Francisco Rojas School in Peru.  I and the other leaders – Bob Price and Linda Snell, regularly assisted  by others such as Sandra Williams and Jenny Elliott who help us out when we are short handed – are dedicated to teaching the young people the basics of our faith, its history and Christian values.  We study stories from the old and new testaments, using games, puzzles, art and acting to get the messages across.

Most of the young people love to perform and enjoy taking part in the Toy and Gift services at Christmas and our occasional bible-based musical services such as “Jonah” and “Swingin’ Sampson”.  We think we have a lovely group of youngsters.  If they are leading our church in 20 or 30 years time, it will be in safe and imaginative hands.

Mary Mayers


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