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Tuesday Fellowship





Tuesday Fellowship

Is a small but strong and loyal part of Sidwell Street, Tuesday meetings are a form of worship and fellowship with a unique character. Most weeks there is a guest speaker covering topics from bird watching, world affairs, bead work to charity work. It was noted that those addressing the meeting will be facing the combined wisdom of some of the churches strongest supporters and some of its most opinionated members! This should only add to the enjoyment of any discussion and lively animated debates that might follow.  Possibly, a good model for how church services should be!

This group has grown from the Methodist tradition of Women's Fellowship or the W.I. in other denominations, and as in most other churches it's members quietly contribute to many aspects of church and community life. Displays at harvest festival, bring and buy stalls for charitable causes, and of course the growing idea (if that isn't too much of a pun) of memorial plants in the garden.  Join this group, enjoy the company, a cup of tea and learn something new every time.

                         ALL AGES - ALL WELCOME

14:25 - 15:30 every Tuesday afternoon


For further information contact Ronnie Tanner Tel 01392 669355